DJ OM is known to deliver long and powerful live-DJ sets of spiritually-uplifting, trance-inducing, multidimensional, mesmerizing psychedelic music. A combination of released and unreleased Bliss Temple tracks mixed with his own collection of rare and powerful music, served up with a twist of live effects and crazy-sound-manipulations, the subsonic lushness of ethnic melodies and exotic, ancient invocations. Currently living in Byron Bay, when he is not touring the world, he is the coordinator of the Bliss Temple Portal.

His sounds reached world-wide, playing in open-air parties in exotic locations such as the beaches of South Cambodia, snowy mystical mountains in Japan, Islands of Thailand, deserts of Israel, ancient villas in Spain, the Australian outback and forests of Tasmania. DJ OM, with his RenegateOmSoundSystem, has played in some of the largest and coolest festivals in the world, such as Boom Festival, Voov Experience, Love Parade and Fusion, Rainbow Serpent, EarthCore and Woodford; and in some of the world hottest nightclubs such as the Seventh Heaven in Tokyo, the 'Elf' in Amsterdam, the 'Penguin' in Te-Aviv, the 'Tea-Party' in England and 'the Church' in Belgum.

DJ OM also has a side-project called 'ShantyOm' where he DJ's a unique combination of dub, chill and psybient music altered via his life-sonic manipulations station to create enchanting, chilled sets to open-close main-stages with, to play at chill-zones and for Yoga and Meditation Events.