Zion604, the number one, leading Music Lable in Israel for Authentic, Full-Power, Healing and Mesmerising Goa-PsyTrance, is ready to send her heavy-hitting Master-Beats-Makers to kick a new hole into your brain... and another one into your heart... and one extra hole in your third-eye to get the energy going... and going... and going... 

Here come the Shamans of the Authentic Goa-Trance Churce to get you moving in all the right directions... with Albums whom have been become classic-hits all around the world, and a musical agenda that is PURE & HARD...

Zion604 have printed the ten albums in the last two years, each one turning into a classical work of preserving, investigating and expending the original Goa Sounds. 


Born in Israel, DJ OM has been living the psytrance parties culture since he was a yound child. As the man behind the 'Om Renegates SoundSystem', he played in almost every big festival in Europe such as Boom, Voov, Fusion, Freedom, Love Parade & Dance Valey... and in countless underground nature-parties in Israel, Egypt, England, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Japan, Thailand, Korea and Cambodia and many amazing events all over Australia. 

A lover of deep, emotional, powerfull and extatic psytrance, DJ OM is well know for taking the listeners to psychedelic trips which go far and behond, mesmerising the listeners with many layers of sounds, melodies, chants, spiritually uplifting samples, spacy effects and psychedelic sound manipulations. 



UNDERCOVER is the brand new project from two very well known and regarded Psychedelic Trance musicians; Adam Belo aka DARMA/ HIPNOTIX and Almog Shmuel aka SOUNDWAVE. Their sound can best be described as new and fresh high-energy fusion of Progressive, Full-On and Goa Psychedelic Trance.

The result is something completely new and unique - a sound like no other, which lead UnderCover to be currently generating new and exciting waves throughout the global Psychedelic Trance scene as one of the most promising acts of the Neo-Goa sounds of the 21century. 


As the owner of Zion604 and one of the most highly appriciated Master-Collectors of Classic, Retro and are Goa-Psy, Shidapu has becomed once of the most well-known, respected and loved DJ's in the Israeli Party Scene. From the underground illigal parties in the forests to champinioning the main-stage of the biggest psytrance Festivals: Shidapu is the High-Priest of the Zion604 movment...
His sets combined amazging rare tracks of GoaPsy that has been masterfuly remastered to give them a modern sound, monster tracks from the 10 awrd-winning albums of the Zion604 phenomena, and many interesting collaborations with the Trance world's best modern Goa-Inspired artists.


Katharsis is the new project of Tomer Alon, aka 'Electro Vision' from Israel, a project of fresh, melodic, spiritually uplifting and mind-engaging progressive Trance. The first Ep released under Katharsis is called: 'No Problem' and was released via Plusquam Rec. His style combines tribal sounds, vovals, sitars, entnic vibe and uniqeu melodies, creating an envinroment that is futurisic and ancient at the same time. More info TBA...



Darma has been producing music since 2000 as part of the due 'Hipnotix' with his older brother Yaki. They released tracks in many major labels such as HOMega and Noya, until in 2010 their released their own album 'Side Effects' which created a buzz in the biggest dancefloor all  around the world. Darma than moved to a more unuiqe sound which could be heard on his track 'One Night Stand', which became a NUMBER ONE seller on Beatport and recieved support from Ace Venture, Liquid Soul, Astrix, Captain Hook, Paul Oakenfold and other well-known DJ's and musicians. 

His new debout EP as 'Darma' 'Deep Hole', released on Echoes Records, marked the beginning of a new Progressive Trance path, and includes collaborations with Ace Venture, Vertical Mode and others

Byron Bay artists which we love - check them out!


Is a World Glitch Dub outfit based in the East Coast of Australi. 2011 saw Lubdub play NYE at 303 Arts Festival (Brazil), Nirvana Festival (Argentina), Kapuri (Mexico), and than smashing the fetivsl circuit all around OZ inc Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency (the closing act of the whole fesetival), wide open spaces, Eclipse 2012 and more...

Lubdub was elected by Bluetech fo Critical Beats release alongside Tipper & Kalya Scintilla. More info TBA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The 4' 20 Sound

 More info TBA

Mista Savona

Mr Savona is the most profilic high-energy Reggea producer to ever come out of the Australian continent. A well traveled musician whom has played in most of the best festivals around the world, and a telented musician whom has been playing live with many amazing live musicians. While his futuristic/semi-electronic musical style belongs more to the Reggea world and not the Trance scene, his sweet, melodic and uplifting sets which combines a smart usage of the electronic music medium has made Mr. Savona a hit in many psychedelic events such as Boom Festival, Azura, Glastonbury and more...

We love to have him with us when traveling the world, and both the Electronic Music and Live Music festival goers simply LOVE his style.