The Badlands are a Byron Bay based, four piece band made up of four salty individuals who have recently come together, cementing the final line up of the group known as The Badlands. All hailing from different back grounds - Pauly Adams (NZ), Tommy Flint (Mid North Coast), Massimo Tolli (Melbourne) and Alexx McConnell (Sunshine Coast) …. They now call Byron home.

Their self titled E.P released last November, backed with a handful of successful local gigs has built the band a loyal underground following in the Byron area.

Their varied musical backgrounds have led to a culmination of sound both unique and warming to fresh ears. Taking influences from both the 60’s and 70’s Blues and Rock movements and the early 90’s Skate and Surf Punk and Grunge scenes. They would say their sound can be best or worst described in only one way “If Rock n Roll wore Grunge out to dinner, took a trip of acid with Punk Rock and ate a politician you would find 'The Badlands' served on or in the last sip of whisky.”