Our nework of local, grass-roots promoters is available for YOU

An important part of our promotional network power is our integrity: we will NOT promote your festivals/event/gig unless we truly feel that your event will resonate with our own crew.

If you wish your event to be supported by us, simply send us an email or contact us via FB page at www.facebook.com/thebliddtemple

Here are some of the ways which we can help to support and promote your event:

1) Promotion via our Facebook.com/TheBlissTemple Portal. With around 3000 party-lovers following us on FB, most living in the Northern Rivers, its a great way to get totally amazing people with heaps of good vibes to know about your event. (This basic – 4 posts) service we provide for FREE – we just ask for 2 tickets to each even we promote), or for a minimal fee of 10 posts - $50.
2) ...via our TheBlissTemple.com website. We can promote your event as our "special event of the week ($80), the month ($220) or as BEST EVENT 3 month period ($650) – on our front page". This service INCLUDES also FB promotion during the period at a rate of 3 posts per week.
3) ...via our News Letter, Emailing list & Mobile phones 'weekly party news' SMS. Make sure EVERYONE know about it. ($420)
4) ...via our handing-out Flyers distribution network. We can distribute your flyers to interested people via our network of cool local crew whom will be happy to work with you and hand-out your flyers in all the good local gigs, parties and events, and even in the streets of Byron Bay, in the backpackers hostel and in the local music venues, depending on your wish.($25 per hour – min 10 hours $25). For larger events you might want tp give out 5-10 tickets to our workers instead of money in return for their handing out work. We will charge $400 for selecting them, giving them the flyers, giving them the areas and time to work and managing them to make sure they work welll. 
5) ...via our Posters & Flyers distribution points network. We can distribute your posters and flyers to over 200 local shops, cafes, cool business, fashion shops, corner shops and music venues, depending on your own wishs. From Coffs Harbour to Brisbane. (first 80 points at Ballina, Lismore, Byron and Tweed shires -for $450). 140 points for $800. All 200 points for $1650.
6) … via radio stations. We will contact and arrange interviews, talking and the playing of music of the artists that will play at your event for $220 per radio show. (I can do the interviews myself, or arrange the interviews to be with artists or producers)
7)  via local newspapers and magazines (from Byron Bay Echo to Nimbin Times, from the 'Beat; to the GC and Brisbane music magazines). We will arrange for articles to appear in up to 14 magazines: 220 per managing. (Some magazines would like also for ads for the event to be published).
8) ...via a FB campaign. We will get articles about the event published in 30-40 different relevant groups and FB pages. $60 per group.
9) ...via distributing flyers and posters at the entrance and inside local parties, gigs and festivals. $120 per evening event. $340 per weekend long festival.
10) …via locating the best local (Coffs to Sunshine Coast) producers and DJ's for you event. We will let you to have the final say, but present you with the producers and DJ's at your chosen styles which have the BEST following, and which we worked with and KNOW for sure can bring their own crowds and have a good, up-standing reputation in their local communities for making popular events in that music style. $220 per booking.
11) …via locating the best local (Coffs to Sunshine Coast) performers (fire twirlers, dancers, costume wearers for you event. We will let you to have the final say, but present you with the best that we know – after we talked to them and made sure they are interested. $120 per booking.
12) ...via locating the best food stalls and market stalls. We will let you to have the final say, but present you with the best that we know – after we talked to them and made sure they are interested.

***Special tailor-made promotional plans can be made utelising many or ALL of the above for up-to %50 discount.