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We  are here to give you information about the hottest Gigs, Parties, Events and Festivals that are happening in and around Byron Shire, or that presents musicians & bands from Byron Shire - and to give you information about the hottest local musicians and bands that we LOVE. 

If you are making any positive-vibrations event we are here to help you to promote them. Contact us to get in. We are here for the love of music and our community and our support is for free. 

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Byron Vibes

Byron Vibes is an amazing collective of local musicians, artists, alternative thinkers and free spirits whom are supporting each other's creative vibrations while making wicked parties recording great albums and having a lot of fun...

On their website you can checkout the details, picture, videos and music of a LOT of amazing local performers, and dont forget to come to their next party because their parties seriously ROCK. 



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Kulcha Jam

Kulchajam is a not-for-profit arts and cultural organisation cultivating new models of creative collaboration and shared resources. They are set up as a model of warm and friendly community cultural development that integrates social enterprise principles, sustainability, cultural exchange, artistic excellence and great parties.

The Kulcha Jam hub in the Byron Arts & Industrial estate includes a dance studio, meeting room/lounge, commercial kitchen and outdoor courtyards. The centre provides a platform, facilities and support to local artists, cultural workers, creative and small scale sustainable food business to engage in the local economy.



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'Extreme' Mixed Martial Arts

There is no better investment in life than investing in your own body, and our local 'Extreme' Dojo is the best place in Byron to do so. With a HUGE program including Jiu Jitsu, muay thai, MMA, boxing, sparring, pro strength & conditioning, joining the 'Extreme' club might be the est thing that you have done for your health this year. 

With classes for everyone from 4 years-old to 60 years-young, and with all classes available to al the gym members, you will become fitter on all levels without the artificial "pumping iron at the gym" machines, stronger, quicker, leaner and healthier. Check out their 1 month FREE offer for all locals! It's a winner :) 



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The 4' 20' SoundSystem

The 4'20' Sound are running the maddest reggae and dub events in Australia, based in Byron Bay NSW. Their music in influence d from the traditional Jamaican sound system culture, performing live as a live dub band and as DJs. Hosting top notch musicians and producers on their weekly dance.

Don't forget to come to their weekly Monday Night Mega-Party at the Beach Hotel in Byron - its the best reggae events in Byron!


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Paradise One

Paradise One is the name of an amazing alternative, sustainable community-based eco-retret located in the hills  behind Byron Bay. They believe that sustainable healthy doof plays a central role in our transition from the old world to a new world. 
You can stay their in one of their many retreat style accommodation options, join one of their amazing organic-food nights, or stay tuned to be invited to their heart-entered conscious music, art and community centered events. 
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Byron Bay Liberation Larder

The Liberation Larder vision is simple and makes sense. We rescue good food that would otherwise end up in landfill and make  sure this food reaches people who need it, either as meals or fresh food parcels. Liberation Larder captures the imagination of people because we provide a practical solution to the problems of food waste and food insecurity in our community.

If you have any food to donate, wish to donate your time - or to help with a money donation, please conatct them via their website, thanks!